about tryad

tryad is an open international musical collaboration that was born in 2005.
originally a trio, tryad currently involves an increasing number of musicians around the globe.
tryad publishes music under a creative commons license which permits free downloading, sharing, remixing, public performance, use in video production, as well as commercial distribution.
tryad is a revolutionary global classical electronica band breaking traditional rules of musical creation, distribution, and licensing.
using the modern power of networking, tryad artists create songs together across national bounderies, often without ever having met in person. all tryad music is published under an open creative commons ‘copyleft’ license which permits unlimited sharing, remixing, and use.
one of the earliest pioneers to adopt this new media model in 2005, tryad has risen to become one of the most popular bands across the globe, being featured on television channels such as cnn, pbs, lci, as well as traditional radio stations in many nations.
tryad is now approaching 6 million streaming listens in total on jamendo, the largest creative commons music distributer online. tryad music is a top feature of internet services such pandora, spotify, lastfm, and has countless professional videos appearing on youtube with millions of combined views.
all of this success is leading tryad to rise to the next level, live concerts. from the ‘virtual to the physical’, tryad is now preparing to launch an innovative world tour, bringing together members from all over this earth to showcase top talent combined with the most advanced cutting edge technology.
tryad is currently completing their third album, t^3 – the tree, and working towards their fourth album, sphere of light.


members include :: vav . ema . dada . ioeo . arna . serena hallowell . rjmarshall . john holowach . ben riordan . matias luna . thomas ora . kevin fitzgerald . jeremy barron  . jamie tyler . marty lake . scott waddell . hana . daniel laufer . caitlin naramore . steven j. kukla . subatomicglue . karen rustad . cinematrik . realaze . joana smith . florent lelong . ruslan aliev . saelynh . the global creative commons community .